Gutenberg Invents Printing Press (1456)

While written language may have occurred 5000 years earlier, no mass method for producing the written word existed until the Gutenberg Bible. In a very real sense, the invention of the Gutenberg Press insured a future for our industry.
Mass Literacy Influences Human Development (1600-present)
Several hundred years later, as the general population started to experience reading and writing, they noticed their vision deteriorating over time. Eyewear was developed at about the same time.  
The First Automobile (1800's)
No one can doubt the influence the automobile has had in our lives. The invention of the first automobile and resulting growth of the auto industry expanded the boundries of life. If the world is getting smaller, the automobile probably has had the most influence in making that possible.  
More Time For Outdoor Activities (1950's-present)
Throughout history, most people have spent their days working to meet their basic necessities - food and shelter. The postwar era of the 1950s changed that. People began to have more leisure time to enjoy the outdoors.
Sunwear Becomes Top Fashion Accessory
With more free time on their hands, people began wearing sunglasses for visual comfort while spending leisure time outdoors. They began to think about sunwear differently. Eyeglasses became fun and fashionable!  
Danger of UV Light Recognized (1980's)
Medical science began to learn about the harmful effects of long-term exposure to the sun, which include skin and eye diseases. The results of these studies was very clear: human skin and eyes must be protected against UV light.  
Boom of Sport and Outdoor Activities (1970's-present)
Increased attention to our health launches the boom for sports eyewear and specialty products designed for new lifestyle.  
Driving Becomes an Integral Part of Life (present)
Today our entire outdoor life is centered around the automobile. The urban expansion led to dramatic encrease of commuting time exceeding 2 hours a day on average. All other activities in our lives, from shopping to sports and recreations often begin and end with a drive.  

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