Find answers to some of Transitions Drivewear’s most Frequently Asked Questions, such as “Is a progressive available in Transitions Drivewear?” and “Can Transitions Drivewear be used for night driving?”


Want to find out if Drivewear lenses are available in your prescription? Click here for current Transitions Drivewear Lens Availability


Download Transitions Drivewear’s Processing Guidelines here for helpful information on Surfacing, edging, grooving, AR Coating and more.


Click here to find complete Laboratory TechnicalSpecifications for Transitions Drivewear including Rx range, electronic ordering information and barcodes.


Learn more about what actually influences our senses during driving.
Explore Transitions Drivewear
Learn more about the behavior of the Drivewear lens and its benefits.
Genesis of Transitions Drivewear
The story of lens evolution from ancient times to the present.
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