Why did Younger develop a lens specifically for driving?

• As with all its offerings, Younger wanted to create a product that would meet a specific visual need that isn’t being met in today’s market.
• Although driving is an integral part of our daily lives, it is one of the most challenging and difficult activities a person can engage in – and we need all the visual help we can get.
Transitions Drivewear lenses offer the consumer far more than just polarized photochromic eyewear – they are the beginning of a whole new lens category.

Who should wear Transitions Drivewear lenses?

• Worldwide, there are nearly 1 billion drivers and the number is growing every year.
• Nearly everyone of driving age that walks into an optical shop is an ideal candidate and can benefit from the improved vision delivered by Transitions Drivewear lenses.

What is the availability of Transitions Drivewear?

Transitions Drivewear lenses are now available in polycarbonate single vision and Image® progressive; and hard resin single vision, IMAGE® progressive, Flat Top 28 and Finished planos (available through your Wholesale Lab). More in Drivewearlens availability.

Will all labs have the product or is there a list of ones that have it in stock?

Transitions Drivewear is available to all wholesale laboratories; ask your lab about Transitions Drivewear.

How was Transitions Drivewear developed?

• Younger Optics continues its role as the Optical Innovator with this breakthrough research. Younger looked to Transitions Optical for the latest photochromic developments to enhance the lens performance.
Transitions Drivewear lenses combine two of the most advanced technologies in the eyeglass industry today – Transitions® Photochromic Technology and NuPolar® polarization.
• Multiple patents have been filed on this invention.

Is a progressive available in Transitions Drivewear?

• Yes, the IMAGE® progressive became available in Transitions Drivewear in January 07.

Can I mirror coat Transitions Drivewear lenses?

• A flash mirror coating is a nice option for patients who prefer a mirror look. However, a full mirror coating is not recommended, because it may adversely affect the visible light activation behind the windshield.

Can I tint Transitions Drivewear lenses?

• Tinting is not recommended as the product darkens considerably outside. Additional tint could reduce outdoor transmission to possibly dangerous levels.

Can I add anti-reflective coatings to Transitions Drivewear lenses?

• Yes, Transitions Drivewear is compatible with most AR coatings.

Is POS available, and how can it be ordered?

• Materials can also be ordered from your wholesale laboratory or directly from Younger Optics. Contact Robert Lee at rlee@youngeroptics.com

How do Transitions Drivewear lenses work?

Transitions Drivewear is the first polarized photochromic lens to darken behind the windshield of a car.
Transitions Drivewear lenses feature unique photochromic dyes which respond to visible light in addition to UV light.
  • This allows Transitions Drivewear lenses to change color based on current driving conditions in order to enhance the driver’s vision.
  • Wearers will have the security of knowing that Transitions Drivewear lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.
• In virtually every daylight driving situation, Transitions Drivewear lenses provide optimal visual comfort and safety.
  • In low light, the lenses are a olive green color which provides high contrast.
    • Color is designed to minimize glare and maximize useful light information.
  • In daylight (behind the windshield of a car) they change to a copper color, which reduces glare and excess visual light.
    • Provides good traffic signal recognition, highlighting reds and greens.
  • In outdoor light, they become a dark reddish-brown color, providing maximum comfort in high light conditions by filtering excess light.
Transitions Drivewear lenses also utilize NuPolar, the world’s leading polarized Rx technology, to provide protection from blinding glare.

Can Transitions Drivewear be used for night driving?

Transitions Drivewear lenses are optimized for sunlight response. They should not be used for night driving. Many vision & highway safety experts believe that NO tint should ever be used at night.



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