Personal experiences with Drivewear

I love my Drivewear lenses. I am a fan of brown lenses anyhow but the variety of places that the various filter colors improves my vision, and in extreme comfort, has me wearing them as much as possible. I only need you to make a progressive version sooner than later.

Mark Mattison-Shupnick
Industry Lecturer, Dispenser, Journalist

A little more info on my experience with the lenses. Karlen and I drove down towards Laredo Texas early sunday morning. It was clear and sunny and I wore the lenses from daybreak on, worked great. About 9 am we hit some very dense fog. Visibility less than 100 yards, I tried without and with out and could clearly (pun not intended) see better with the lenses on. I haven't been able to put much more of a scale on the darkness behind the windshield yet, though I have not reached for my regular polarized lenses yet. I think the combo of the color and the polarization makes these very comfortable no matter what the brightness.

Drake McLean
Optical Laboratory Owner and Retailer

I absolutely LOVE it. I've always worn brown NuPolar (of course) but this Drivewear is like putting on an old pair of jeans, it's so comfortable!! The contrast is phenomenal. Sharpens in all conditions, we've had rain, fog and even a little sunshine!! Can't wait for the release date.


Being a devoted Transitions (Grey) and Polarized lenses (Brown for both driving and golf), I was sceptical about the information I read about Drivewear. However, being keen to gain experience regarding anything new in Optics, I had a pair of single vision made to my prescription, and was astounded!

Not only are they now my pick for driving, but they are better than my current favourites for Golf! Drivewear allows the interior colour more natural without allowing the exterior to be too bright, a wonderful combination of comfort and natural contrast.

On the golf course the darker, richer brown allows excellent vision to both fairway and shade (not that I ever leave the fairways) and again gives that wonderful contrast allowing great comfort and easy adaptation in the changing conditions.

I also find the changing colour of the lenses when driving to golf in the early morning and wearing them all day has proved to be very comfortable and effective in all situations. These are now my premium driving, golfing and everyday sunglasses, and I recommend them to customers and colleagues alike.

Very highly recommended indeed, but when can I get some progressives?

Regards to all,

Murray Martin
Optical Dispenser

I’ve been wearing Drivewear lenses the past two months. Without exception, they’re equal to, or better than all their marketing materials and testimonials I’ve read thus far.

Even better, if you’re a golfer (and serious about game improvement), Drivewear lenses are an amazing new shot-saving tool. I’ve played wearing these lenses in every kind of condition. From low morning and late afternoon light, to fog, heavy haze and overcast skies; from rain-soaked and showery days, to bright and sunny “squinty” conditions. In every case, Drivewear lenses have provided unique, top-performing results.

Simply, Drivewear lenses have become yet another tool in my arsenal of golfing tools. The golf ball is more visible due to the added contrast to white. Reading greens is easier and more reliable because of the magical way Drivewear picks-up undulations, slopes and grain. All-around, the highly advanced, polarized and distortion-free lenses produce a new, truly beautiful and rewarding golf experience.

I’ve tried photo-grey lenses, cinnamon-tinted lenses, gold-gradiated lenses and Bolle Golf Lenses. In my opinion, there is NOTHING that comes close remotely to the results I’ve experienced with Drivewear lenses.

The bottom line: If you like to play golf, you’ll see better, shoot lower scores and have more fun while wearing Drivewear lenses.

Andy Olsen

Being a fisherman I wanted a pair of polarized sunglasses, talking with my eyewear provider they told me about Drivewear. After receiving them they checked back on me to see how I like them, and offered to replace them with standard polarized lens if I did not like them. Well, on the water they worked fine, but WOW driving in them. I fish two days a month but drive every day. I am amazed every time I put them on! You see clearer in all conditions. On one of the routes I take I am driving into the late afternoon sun. I used that as a test for them, and again I am amazed. I feel driving is much safer using them. I’ve told friends about them, but you have wear them to believe them.

Joel B., Pelzer, SC.

Thank you for supplying me with a pair of Image Drivewear progressive lenses. Since taking delivery of them I have found them to be extremely comfortable to wear, noticing significant glare reduction and reduced fatigue when driving.

Upon release of Drivewear lenses in their single vision form last year we at Alfred Nott fitted them to a number of our patients, all of whom found them to be most comfortable. As the progressive lens version was at the time not yet available we compiled a list of patients who had expressed interest in them or whom we thought would be suitable.

Once Image Drivewear lenses were launched we contacted those patients who had expressed interest in the progressive version of Drivewear. By far the majority decided to order them and in the five months since their release we have heard nothing but praise.

While Transitions and NuPolar lenses still dominate the market for glare protection we are finding that Drivewear lenses are becoming increasingly popular and I believe that one day they may take an equal share.


Alan G.

WOW! I received the glasses today and just wore them out for a walk. The transition from full sunlight to shade is amazing, no glare and they make colors so much more vivid and crisp. They are not DARK glasses, but true SUNglasses.

Steve Abrams Test Market Wearer

Just a quick note to thank you for the Drivewear blanks. I picked my Rx up last Friday and they work great. The contrast sensitivity viewing an object through the lens is amazing. I hope that when Image is available in Drivewear that I can get a pair of blanks so that I can read with them as well. I think that you've got a winner, and I appreciate the opportunity to try them.


My personal experience (we went on vacation to Hawaii and I used my Drivewear lenses). I loved the clarity with the polarized and then moving to transition. I personally would have liked them to transition more to a grey for my use...they were just a little higher contrast than I expected, so I felt they were not dark enough, but when I removed them they truly did help even with the bright sun in Hawaii. My opinion is that they are great lenses, and will be be worth having two pair when you come out with a transition grey also. I haven't had a chance to try them on the golf course, but I think the high contrast will be good there...I'll let you know what I think when I get the chance to put them to use there.


I've really enjoyed wearing this new lens. The color of the driving lens has always been my personal favorite because of its clarity and high contrast. To have a lens change to its maximum darkness behind the windshield of the car is remarkable. I also had the opportunity to wear it at the lake when the sun was glaring off the ice. The polarization and lens color were just what I needed. It's nice to have all this in a lightweight plastic.

This lens does everything the pamphlet says it does. I love them!


I used them all week. I really can’t tell you how dark or light they were as most of the time they were on my face. I can say they wearing very comfortable. I have also been were them on the water. I like the high definition color over the standard grey or brown. Nice product.


So far the lenses are amazing! Partly cloudy day today--very comfortable. Got some sun and they darkened up nicely. Un-scientific observation was about a brown 2.5 to 3 in the car, looking at myself in the rear view.


It is a great lens for Colorado - I could practically live in it all the time.

Richard K., Lone Tree, Co

Nancy Yamasaki sent me a pair of Drivewear glasses to test. I probably would not make a good person to make a testimonial, because nobody would believe me. These are beyond FANTASTIC. It is a whole new experience in vision. Nancy tried to explain some of the details to me, and I think I understand, from a non technical perspective. Beyond the convenience and safety, which are significant, there is the lack of glare, clarity and crispness, the ability to capture ambient light, and the ability to adjust immediately from sunlight to darkness and vice versa.

Yesterday, driving home in the dusk, It was actually brighter wearing my Drivewear then using my regular glasses. Amazing. It would be hard to imagine this product not taking off like a rocket.


Just wanted to let you know that I purchased a pair of Drivewear lenses and could not be more pleased. Their superiority over all other sunglasses I have owned is unrivaled.

Henry L., M.D.

Hello, my name is Mandrell. I recently purchased a pair of your lens from the Safety Rx Eyewear. Everytime I put them on I seem to like them even more. Over the Memorial Day weekend, I received a lot of comments on my sunglasses. The frames I picked first were ok, but Cindy Parker who works for the Safety Rx Eyewear mobile unit insisted I go with another style. They came out perfect and I like the way they look and feel. Thanks.

Mandrell L.

I just wanted to tell you how great your new lenses are for skiing. I am at Telluride this week. They handled clouds, snow and sun well. I prefer them over my other goggles.


The most common complaint about photochromatic lenses is that they fail the test of darkening when behind the UV-absorptive windscreen. I admit to some scepticism when I first heard about Drivewear marrying photochromatic and polarising technology in the one lens, but within a week I was wearing my Drivewear in place of my usual polarised driving glasses. I have subsequently offered these lenses as the superior option for patients who have found them great for Melbourne’s variable ambient outdoor light levels. In the years to come, Drivewear will be the dominant lens technology for those wanting the best in not only driving but in any outdoor glare situation, whether it be golf, fishing or just walking. A fantastic lens.

George P.
Optometrist – Wantirna South, VIC

These are the best lenses I ever had. Everything is sharper and clearer, sunny days, rainy days, cloudy days and hazy days. No matter what the weather condition, they're great. They can't be beat. I wear mine all the time.


Thanks very much for doing the lenses for me - my impression has been very positive. The colour is quite different to any I've had in my previous Rx sunnies but it is amazingly comfortable to look through. I find them excellent for driving on dull days and bright days.


I have worn either Nupolar or Transitions lenses to drive for 6 years now. I have spent my time changing from one to the other depending on the weather, and where I was traveling to, and what I was planning on doing.

Then I tried Drivewear.

For the last 3 months I have been able to wear my Drivewear in all weather conditions, in 2 countries and for over 10 000 kilometres of driving. I have not once felt the need to change my glasses to better suit the environment, weather, or to see better. This included skiing, bushwalking, dawn to dusk driving, driving in heavy fog, low cloud, rain, snow, full sun, from exposed mountain tops, to driving under shopping centres and even entering shops and offices. These lenses darken with amazing speed, in fact they act at a rate matching the time lapsed transitions ad.

These lenses are a godsend for any driver and any one that can remember having to change their spectacles to pay for fuel, or having to remove their sunglasses when the ambient light changes. They allow you to drive under any conditions with comfortable glare free vision. I would recommend Drivewear to any patient that drives and any one that wants versatile sunglasses.

Martin Robinson

I have always been a fan of polarized lenses. Tried Drivewear in the car first... stunning contrast sensitivity improvement. Cut right through the smog and haze, yet allowing enough light for comfortable, clear vision. And it really does adjust for lighting conditions.

I made the transition into the cockpit next. Great lens for flying... especially in smoggy and/or hazy conditions. Even landing directly into the sun was very tolerable. I highly recommend this lens for flying any aircraft with a plexiglass windshield. Also, I had no problem seeing my panel-mounted GPS display.

Bob Glass, O.D.

I just wanted to add that I don't generally do much recommending of lenses to the patients, but I have found this lens to be quite remarkable and an obvious improvement to the old transitions lens. In contrast to the transitions lenses, the Drivewear works not only on uv light but also via natural light. Because of this it is much better suited for driving etc where the windshield etc normally absorbs the uv light causing the transitions not to darken. I personally would not use any other lens than this.

John R.

What can I say, I love'em. They make everything sharper and clearer. On speed traps, the lines on the road seem to stand out much better. They are the best sunglasses I ever had and work in any weather condition. Thank you for giving me the chance to test them.


I’m an Optical Technician with over thirty years in the optical industry. Over this period of time I have worn different types of sunglass lenses, but have found something was missing e.g. too dark, too light, too much glare.

After reading about Drivewear, I arranged with Peter Russell to supply me with a pair of prescription Drivewear. Wow, fantastic, definitely worth the wait. Here is a lens that not only is photochromatic, but actually cuts out the glare. They work that well, I find myself wearing my Drivewear indoors as well as outside. The contrast is excellent for early morning and evening driving. I even leave them on driving around Toowoomba in the thickest of fog.

These are the best sunglass lenses I have ever worn, all driving conditions are covered. A true pleasure to wear.

Neil P. Optical Technician

I have been using my Drivewear lenses predominately for fresh water fly fishing in New Zealand. Fly fishing is a passion of mine that I enjoy. Previously I have had the benefit of a polarised lens which has been a great advantage over a tinted lens. With Drivewear I have added benefits beyond what has been achievable with the standard polarised lens – with Drivewear I have a polarised lens with the added benefit of a variable tint. Drivewear offers me a light tint that is excellent for viewing in lower light situations, such as when I am under tree cover on the bank of a stream or when I am in overcast conditions. Drivewear also offers me a different and darker tint that is excellent for the bright light situations, such as when I am in the middle of a stream with no cloud cover and surrounded by reflected glare in most directions. In all tint stages I have found the Drivewear lens to be effective at eliminating reflected glare. Drivewear lenses have enhanced my visual perception beyond what I have previously had whilst out on fresh water streams.

Henry H.
Optometrist, Toowoomba Queensland.


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